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Who’s this fella trying to market himself on his own homepage?
My name is Robin, I’m a Horticulturalist turned Agroecologist as of February 2020 – gibberish to the uninitiated. In clearer terms, I’m a generalist specialist within the field of horticulture and agriculture, who employs systems thinking to solve problems that somehow relate to food or plant production. Interested to team up to solve problems? I’m also a project manager and innovation developer/adviser and would love to discuss new ways to make the food system more sustainable. Get in touch!

We need a new food culture for the 21st century.
I’m currently looking for new projects in the space between field production and food innovation to final consumer. These could include:

  • Initiating field trials with unique crops (i.e. Swedish Quinoa, Sweet Lupin, Kernza, Hazelnuts and other crazy crops)
  • Intercropping annual and perennial grains with trees (Agroforestry) and incorporating animals to close nutrient cycles
  • Amplifying crop production with Data, AI and Robotics (i.e. combining automation with complex agroecosystem design to engineer sustainable agroecosystems)
  • Scaling up unique crop production (i.e. removing barriers in the supply chain, or creating opportunities for experimentation and growth)
  • Using crop residues to develop new products
  • Product development and markting focusing on new food products that fit within the planetary diet (i.e. leguminous cheese, fermented hummus, ancient grains, landrace animals or labgrown products)

Alright, some background please!
I started my journey at the Swedish University of Agriculture in 2012, learning about food systems from the ground up. When i finished in 2015, I’d grown more and more interested in sustainability, and with a bachelor in horticulture I figured, why not learn more about sustainable food systems? Since then, this interest has grown even more. Doesn’t everything we need in our everyday lives have to be sustainable? Are the cities we build sustainable? The houses? The cars we drive? Is it sustainable to buy new clothes as often as we do? What is sustainability? And how can we live truly sustainable lives? These are some of the questions that drive me today; questions I want answers to, problems I want to do my fair share in solving.

This led me to join VentureLab@SLU as its very first Project Manager / Executive Director in 2017 – SLU:s Startup hub in Alnarp, where I got inspire students to realize their own ideas, assist with coaching, and develop the innovation culture at what might arguably be one of Sweden’s most important universities in the transition towards sustainability.

Get in touch
Want to team up or think I’d fit on your team? Get in touch by emaling me at contact@robinmeijer.se, or send me a message on Twitter and LinkedIn

Let’s change the world together.